Mr C on the radio when he was 4? Must be heard to be believed!

January 21, 2007

Have a listen to this. It is Mr C on the radio when he was 4! Really funny!


SYO and Supper!

December 20, 2006

On Saturday we had an all day SYO rehearsal then concert… although this may sound boring, I was with some amazing people… Holly S, Charlotte O, Bethan Robinson and Charlotte Power, and there were some frankly hilarious moments……………

Check out this post on Scuth1’s blog for an amazing and VERY funny account of the day. 



December 16, 2006

In English we have been writing a continuation chapter for the book ‘The Guardians’ by John Christopher. The book ends by Rob, once again crossing the border, but this time from the county back into the conurb, not the conurb into the county. As a joke, Ellie, Emma, Holly, Molly and myself decided to write a fun continuation for our teacher, Mrs Evans, about Rob living with a family of badgers, and eventually being brutally killed by the people he called ‘his family’ in the very place he had come to call as ‘home’. People were reading it on Friday, and it certainly lifted a lot of spirits, so I have enclosed a link to it here. I hope you enjoy it.

N.B. ‘Eheu’ is the Latin word for ‘Oh Dear!’


Mr C in action!

December 12, 2006


December 5, 2006

This is going to be my ‘home’ blog used in conjunction with my school blog. If you’re looking for work related things, visit my school blog. That address is www.archl1.wordpress.com .On this blog, I intend on leaving comments about stuff I am doing, and anyone can comment on them, and tell me if they think it’s a good/bad idea, and stuff I think you guys will like!